How to set up a shared project with Axure 6.5 Pro and Beanstalk

Last week I came across a designteam that was working with Axure 6.5 while eagerly waiting for approval on updating to version 7.

I’m assuming that this is not a rare case scenario in larger organisations.

As you might know, setting up a shared Axure project using a version control service allows you and your team to work on the same prototype simultaneously.

The set up process in Axure 6.5 however can be rather confusing, so here’s a quick tutorial to get it done using Beanstalk.

Create a beanstalk account and repository

1. Sign up for the Bronze account at ($ 15/month)


2. Choose an account name to go with your beanstalk URL, e.g.

3. Choose a username (e.g. johndoe) and password.

4. Click ‘Create new repository’, enter the name of your client.

5. Select ‘Subversion’ (not Git)

6. In ‘Repository Path’, also enter the name of your client. It will be added to the project url, e.g.


7. In step 2 – ‘Data import’, select ‘Create the repository from scratch’, uncheck ‘Create trunk, branches and tags directories’.


8. Click next step, your repository is created.


Create a shared project in Axure (6.5)

5. In Axure, click File > New Shared Project…
(if you want to create a shared project from the Axure file you have currently opened, select Share > Create shared project from current file)

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.22.13

3. Enter the projectname:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.25.10

4. In ‘Shared directory’, enter the repository URL from beanstalk, and add the projectname as you just defined. The entire directory should look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.25.57

6. A sign in screen appears, enter your beanstalk username and password.

7. Your shared project has been created.


Example scenario:

John Doe is a designer at UXStudio. For his client Volkswagen, he needs to collaborate with their internal UX designer on a prototype for the teaser
website of the new Golf 8.


Creating a beanstalk account and client repository

beanstalk accountname: uxstudio

username: johndoe

repository title: volkswagen

repository path:


Creating a shared project in Axure:

Share > Create new shared project
project name: golf8
shared directory:
sign in username: johndoe
password: your beanstalk password


Let me know if everything works!


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