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Marktplaats UX strategy, design and prototyping

Starting from February 2015 I’ve joined Marktplaats (part of eBay Classifieds Group) for 20 months to help bring their overall User Experience to the next level. Tasks varied from building a UX Design team to delivering design specs and assets to iOS and Android developers.

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Having no less than 12.500 holidays to choose from, Vakantiediscounter aims to help you discover the best possible holiday deal there is.

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Squla App for iPad & Android

Squla believes that every child enjoys learning, and that great learning results can be achieved when providing methods that relate to their experiential world.

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Thermomix Recipe Platform

A cross-device cooking assistant for the new Thermomix, a multi-functional kitchen appliance.

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Ditzo Responsive Redesign

Thanks to a fully responsive redesigned website, with Ditzo you can handle all of your insurance stuff on any device, anywhere, anyhow.

Maybe you want to quickly arrange a traveling insurance while you still have 3G at the boarding gate. Or maybe you’d like to compare health insurance options and show it on your tablet.

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Smoovz App

User Experience Design for a mobile app to bring live reports from the amateur soccer league to the mass audience.

ABN AMRO Redesign

On the 4th of July in 2012, the new website for abnamro.nl went live. This is the result of a total restructure and redesign project using scrum methods.

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PwC Recruitment Portal

Recruitment strategy and website for PwC: one of the “Big Four” accountancy firms that are all fishing from the same pool of business students graduating each year.

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Nationale Nederlanden

User Experience Specification for retirement management portal

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Nuon Energiebesparen

‘Saving energy is more profitable than switching your supplier.’ A clear message that Nuon sends to her customers.

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Prénatal Redesign

Prénatal is a retail company providing moms with all the essentials for them and their kids, from the phase of pregnancy to toddlers. The brand is active in seven countries, including the Netherlands.

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Interpolis: Onze Buurt Veilig

Interpolis aims to add value to the living and working environment of their customers rather than just being the insurance agency people call when something in their home or company has to be covered.

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Zwitsal Redesign

On this website it’s all about the knowledge of moms and expertise of Zwitsal.

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Audi A5 Cabriolet Introductie campagne


For the introduction of the new Audi A5 cabriolet, we introduced the culinary testdrive, an event where invited guests where dining haute cuisine waiting for the keys to the roofless new Audi to be served. I did the interaction design on the whiteboard, and delivered visual design from the microsite and banners to the printed invitations.