ABN AMRO Redesign

On the 4th of July in 2012, the new website for abnamro.nl went live. This is the result of a total restructure and redesign project using scrum methods.

I started in the concept team, mapping business needs on user stories and translating them into high level customer journeys.

From there we took our conceptual framework into production-teams, also according to scrum/agile methods. At this stage I created detailed prototypes, which where ready for usability testing, optimization and production. During my time with production-teams I worked closely with business analists and programmers to assure that the conceptual framework stays consistent and at the same time scalable to future releases.

There is a lot more to come in the next release of abnamro.nl, so stay tuned!

Agencies: Jungle Minds, Wecanbeheroes
Client: ABN AMRO
First Release: 4th of July, 2012