Marktplaats UX strategy, design and prototyping

Starting from February 2015 I’ve joined Marktplaats (part of eBay Classifieds Group) for 20 months to help bring their overall User Experience to the next level. Tasks varied from building a UX Design team to delivering design specs and assets to iOS and Android developers.

The first challenge I accepted was to improve the communication between buyers and sellers. To do this, we’ve launched messaging as a responsive feature on marktplaats.nl and as an in-app feature on Android and iOS. (Related article on Dutch Cowboys: Marktplaats’ nieuwe messaging-functie blijkt succesvol)

After this was implemented we started with a brand identity redesign strategy that would give an omni-channel overhaul in small iterative design changes spread out over a year while keeping conversion rates and running experiments untouched.

Parallel to this I designed the inspirational homescreen feed (New recommended items ‘For you’ and ‘In your neighboorhood’) and redesigned the selling flow (placing a listing). Please contact me if you wish to see some work on this.

Date: February 2015 Client: EBay Classifieds Group