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Prénatal Redesign

Prénatal is a retail company providing moms with all the essentials for them and their kids, from the phase of pregnancy to toddlers. The brand is active in seven countries, including the Netherlands.

In fact, the Netherlands is the own division that carries a different visual identity (purple) than the other six countries (green). While Prénatal carries a corporate look and feel as a global brand (http://www.prenatal.com), it is better known as a love-brand in the Netherlands.

Our LBi colleagues in Milano engineered the content management system and e-commerce portal that should be implemented throughout all divisions, including the Netherlands. Because the Dutch visual identity doesn’t match the global identity, my job at LBi Lost Boys was to translate the greenish corporate look and feel into a purple emotional look and feel, maintaining the exact functional requirements as LBi Milano had engineered.