Quick scan iPad Prototyping Apps

To stay on top op what prototyping apps are currently out there, I did a quick scan for both native, desktop and web-based prototyping apps.

I do most of my prototyping in Axure. The latest beta release (7) proves that they’ve really listened to the feature requests of the community.
Main improvement in my opinion is that the formerly desktop-focussed mouse events respond much better on touchscreens now.



Keynote iOS templates and native UI library
+ Fast native prototyping
– Not much room to get creative


App cooker
+ Prototypen ón the iPad
+ Sophisticated UI
+ Screendumps importable with Dropbox API
– No master templates
– Only hotspots over screendumps, no wireframing
– Only fun for testing final designs


Realizer App
+ Webbased
– Only hotspots over screendumps, no wireframing
– Only for iPad portraitmode (for now).


Prototypes App
+ Mac OS Desktop app
– Only hotspots over screendumps, no wireframing
– iPhone Only


+ Publish prototypes with user feedback module
– Only hotspots over screendumps, no wireframing


Interface 2
+ Prototyping directly on iPad
– Only native UI elements


Live Wires
+ Prototyping directly on iPad
+ Wireframing tool, not restricted to native UI library
– Feels beta, misses a lot of key features
– Only for portrait mode


iOS Prototyping With TAP And Adobe Fireworks
+ Convert wireframes from Adobe fireworks to iPad testing app
+ Most room for creativity so far, covers transitions and gestures.
– Adobe pulls the plug on Fireworks somewhere this year, not suitable for longterm projects.


+ Web based
+ Easy to share
– Only screendumps and hotspots, no wire framing


**Currently in review, looks promising!



+ Free wireframing
+ Easy to publish and share
+ Subversion support for working with a team on larger prototypes
+ Latest Beta Release (7) generates html with much better respond to touchscreen gestures, and supports webfonts
– Transitions between panel states (slide, fade) are limited and a bit tacky.

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